Waste Water Treatment
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Waste Water Managment

Water Pollution is the Very important issue of Modern India. Waste Water coming from various industries directly send to river through canals which has high grade of impurity in it. It affects general beigns and nature. Effluent Treatment or Industrial wastewater treatment consists of the mechanisms and processes used to treat waters that have been contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities prior to its release into the environment or its re-use. 

Waste Water Treatment has no longer been a headache for the industries after treatment with certain chemicals as per the type of impurity dissolved in to it. Some of Waste Water Treatment Chemicals are given below.

Anionic Poly Electrolyte

  1. Anionic Polyelectrolyte Powder
  2. Polyacrylamide High Molecular Wt.
  3. PAM Powder
  4. Liquid Anionic Polyelectrolyte
  5. Effluent Treatment Flocculant

Cationic Poly Electrolyte

  1. Poly Electrolyte Cationic
  2. Cationic Poly acrylamide
  3. Cationic Coagulant
  4. Effluent Color Removing
  5. Cationic Polymer

Polyelectrolye Flocculant

  1. Non-ionic Polyelectrolyte
  2. Secondary Flocculation With Polyelectrolyte
  3. Dewatering Polyelectrolyte
  4. Deoiling Polyelectrolyte (dope)
  5. Drilling Mud Additives
  6. Drilling Mud Chemical
  7. Acrylamide Powder


  1. Poly amine
  2. Poly dadmac
  3. Poly Dcda
  4. Ferric Chloride
  5. Poly Alluminium Chloride
  6. Pac powder
  7. Aluminium Chloride

Raw Water Treatment Chemicals

  1. Activated carbon
  2. Activated carbon granular
  3. Activated carbon powder
  4. Anthracite
  5. Birm Media
  6. Bleaching Powder
  7. Sodium Hypochlorite

Water Treatment Chemicals

  1. Waste Water Treatment Chemicals
  2. Effluent Treatment Chemicals
  3. Ferric Chloride
  4. Ferric Chloride Liquid
  5. Non Ionic Polyelectrolyte
  6. Water Treatment Chemicals
  7. Water Chemicals
  8. Sewage Treatment Chemical

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